Inspiring Legal Confidence Through Medical Insight

Inspiring Legal Confidence Through Medical Insight


What is TW Forensic Consulting?


TW Forensic Consulting is an LLC headed by Forensic Nurse, Tristan Ashly Wristen, offering professional services for court cases and beyond. Rather than hiring a paralegal or assistant unfamiliar with aspects of healthcare, attorneys and clients will have an opportunity to gain insight from a trained professional in Forensic Nursing.

With a Masters Degree in forensic nursing, Wristen offers over ten years of experience as a registered nurse in emergency departments, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient case management. Combining real world practice with access to the most up to date medical journal databases and evidence based research articles, the forensic and legal nurse consultant serves as a necessary asset to any case involving all aspects of healthcare.

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“The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.”

- Kahlil Gibran


Services Overview

TW Forensic Consulting offers an array of services to provide evidence and insight to defense attorneys, prosecutors, and other entities. Through experience, expertise, and evidence-based research, Tristan Ashly Wristen acts as a liaison among attorneys, healthcare providers, clients, and other professionals. Services also include testifying as a fact or expert witness.